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10 Years Coaching Wisdom in One Blog 

Before retiring I spent over 10 years coaching and developing senior leaders across the public and private sector including those delivering on major Government projects and programmes. 

During this time I recognised the importance of our mindset. It is responsible for how we respond to the challenges we encounter and also those we perceive to be there (even when they aren't).

My Blog summarises many of these common perceptions and misconceptions from imposter syndrome to blindspots, from relationship challenges to self-confidence in a public setting. 

Once we recognise how our view of the world is hindering our progress we can devise strategies for change. 

Enjoy the wisdom and reflections from my 'coaching couch' in my blog.

Coping with Change... 

As Leaders how we cope with change matters. Not just in preserving our own resilience and performance in challenging times but in how we lead and support others. 

Our efficacy in coping with change can be career enhancing or career limiting. our Change Efficacy Questionnaire is free to use for yourself and your team. 

It will help identify areas that can enhance performance during periods of significant change. You will also find resources to help you explore the topic with your team.

Begin your journey to change efficacy now

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Website Availability Update

This website has been a joy to provide and has supported my work with MindSightUK clients over the years. 

I have enjoyed getting to know all my clients in what has been a joy and privilege. As I enter a new phase of my own life (retirement) I have taken the decision to close MindSightUK.  I know some clients were continuing to access the free resources on this site so they will continue to be available until February 2021.

This website will discontinue from the end of February 2021.