'You have to change your thinking if you desire to have a future different from your present.'
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When looking to improve performance, many organisations typically focus on improving skills and competencies. More enlightened organisations also look to capitalise on individual strengths and preferences. At MindSightUK we believe this still misses an essential ingredient, the mindset.

Our workshops explore the mindset required for key business roles and the underpinning skills, behaviours and strengths to enable people to adopt, adapt and succeed.

Leading Change: Adopting a change management mindset

The world is in a constant state of change and we cannot escape its impact either in our personal or professional lives. If handled wrongly change can have disastrous consequences for the organisation. This 1 day workshop looks at proven approaches to managing change and provides hints, tips, tools and techniques to help leaders of change manage the process (and its emotional impact) effectively. It is suitable for anyone who has to lead change or wants to understand the impact change can have on individuals in their organisation.

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Psychological Capital: The Untapped Superpower

The world of work is in a constant state of flux. Demands on our people to deliver more with less, to continuously grow their knowledge and develop, or even completely change their skill sets, are ever present. Is it little wonder that individual motivation and confidence can wane? Psychological Capital refers to those psychological resources which have been found to enhance positive behaviour in organisations, improving motivation and performance.This 1 day workshop introduces the concept, explores how it benefits organisations and provides hints, tips and techniques to help develop these capabilities for your people. 

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Unleashing your Management Mindset

Being a manager can leave you caught between fulfilling the needs of those above you and meeting the needs of those who work to you. It is a difficult balance to maintain. This 2 day workshop explores the mindset and underpinning skills to enable you to operate at your most effective and maximise the contribution of your team. It is suitable for new and existing managers seeking to develop their interpersonal skills & behaviours to help engage and manage others effectively.

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Developing the Project Manager Mindset

There are a number of professional bodies such as APM, APMG, PMI and so on providing excellent guidance on methodologies and technical competencies which professional project managers need. The reality is though, that there are many more people tasked with running small to medium work based projects who never need to engage with heavy duty methodologies. This 1 day workshop is designed for those who need to develop a project management mindset and complement this insight with practical tools and techniques to manage work based projects in a pragmatic, proactive, people centred and outcome focused way

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The Art (& Mindset) of Feedback

We all make mistakes and we all have experienced the impact of others mistakes. But are we good at learning from our mistakes or at helping others to learn from theirs?

We all know feedback is important for growth, improvement and affirmation of good performance. But that knowledge doesn’t make it any easier to give or to receive feedback. This half day workshop is valuable to all those who need to give or receive feedback at work.

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Great Team, Awesome Mindset

Time and again studies suggest that at the heart of a great team is high trust, effective communication, mutual respect, positive regard and cooperation. But can you really make people trust each other if they don’t want to? What happens if team members habitually clash? And how can you enable effective communication, build trust and encourage collaboration?

This 1 day workshop enables team members to understand of how their own preferences and behaviours impact on relationships across the whole team.

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Unleashing the Business Partner Mindset

Research time and again shows that Business Partners need to understand their organisations, relate to their operational partners and be on a constant journey to demonstrate business savvy, credibility and value to the business. The starting point for this is having the right mindset. Our 2 day workshop explores the role of the business partner, the mindset which which is required to be effective and the skills required to enact the mindset. It is suitable for both strategic and operational business partners.

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Strengths, Weakness & the Growth Mindset

Research shows a focus on our strengths in organisations can improve performance by as much as 36%. So it makes sense that we learn to harness our strengths effectively. But how many of us know what our signature strengths are, or understand how to harness them to help us in our work? This 1 day workshop provides an introduction to strengths and how to use them effectively to enhance our success and overcome our areas of weakness. It is suitable for anyone who wants to develop an understanding of their strengths and how to use them effectively in their work

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