The Parable of Little Blue

Little Blue sat at his desk and looked at the screen, it was still blank. It had been blank an hour ago and it was blank the hour before that. Time for another cup of tea thought little blue. At that moment the phone vibrated; little blue had turned off the volume as he didn’t really want to speak to anyone and especially not….

Saffron calling….Saffron calling….SAFFRON CALLING….SAFFRON CALLING

Little Blue knew that if he didn’t answer the phone Saffron would keep calling. He also knew that if he did answer the phone he would have to brace himself for another tsunami of ‘great ideas’, a lot of excited bibble babble and an inquisition into how Little Blue was getting on with the latest bit of work.

The trouble is, thought Little Blue, what is the point in putting time and effort into developing yesterdays bibble, babble into a workable solution, when today there is going to be a new pile of bibble babble to work on. So Little Blue put his phone in the drawer and slumped off to the kitchen to make a cup of tea.

Back in Yellowstone Media HQ, Saffron was wondering why little Blue was not answering the phone. She couldn’t wait to share her latest idea that was sure to make them both a ton of cash and make them very, very popular. This shying away from a good chat by Little Blue was frustrating and happening so often it was now getting annoying.

Clover watched Saffron frantically dial and redial Little Blue's number. He wished Saffron would think about why Little Blue was dodging her calls, as Clover was sure that was the case. At the last staff meeting Little Blue had looked completely overloaded and it was clear he had something to say but had not been able to get his views across as Saffron kept talking and talking and talking (with lots of arm waving too).

Crimson breezed out of her office at that point and Clover put his head below Crimson's line of sight by ducking behind the desk partition and quietly chanting 'please don't look over here', 'please don't look over here'. With her right hand Crimson frantically waved the latest project progress report and her voice boomed across the office..

"Progress my furry backside!! Why does nothing ever seem to get done in this place? What do I pay you all for anyway?"

Clover picked up the phone and rang his friend Tim Sight. After explaining the situation Tim said

"This appears to be a classic case of preference overdrive. Clearly everyone wants to do a good job but they are not taking into account how each other prefers to work. Rather they were working in a way that suits them personally."

As Tim explained to Clover, lack of awareness of your own, and each other's preferences in teams can cause conflict, upset and dysfunctional behaviour. But all was not lost, he had just the solution; a super, whizzy, amazing and insightful workshop from MindSightUK......

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