The Power of the Strengths based Mindset

Leaders, Managers and Teams (and therefore organisations) can benefit greatly from an in-depth understanding of their strengths. Whilst addressing weakness can move people from poor to acceptable performance; it is focusing on strengths that leads to exceptional outcomes.

Our expertise in helping people identify, measure and capitalise on their strengths has its roots in positive psychology and its values in the power of the growth mindset.

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The I’m ok, You’re ok Mindset

We are all different and in organisations diversity is a vital component in maximising organisational success. So why do these differences frequently lead to disagreements, conflict, impaired productivity or costly performance and disciplinary activities?

It isn't enough to know that we are different, most people acknowledge that! The power is in understanding how and why we are different and importantly, what to do to channel those differences in a positive way!

Our expertise, insight and amazing secret weapon (a very, very cool, psychedelic - in a non druggie way - psychometric evaluator), are brought to life through our energy fuelling workshops and 'give it to me straight' coaching. Lightbulbs go on and importantly they stay on. Our secret weapon? Our ‘oh so damn easy to remember and act on’ insight!

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The Magic Mirror Mindset

Coaching is in vogue! No really it is!

CIPD’s 2014 Learning and Development Survey reported that 75% of organisations offer coaching or mentoring. They said coaching was one of the top 3 most effective development methods and the most effective method when incorporated within talent programmes.

GoodPractice 2014 UK Learning Trends Survey, also reported that up to 65% of organisations use coaching in learning and development. This is no real surprise. The benefits of coaching have long been understood in achieving behaviour change, shifting perspectives and bringing about real and sustainable performance improvements.

Our experience and approach to coaching people gets tangible results. Why? Well we are direct, challenging, insightful and 100% focused on helping the individual maximise their potential for their organisation. Our approach is to hold up a mirror to those we coach and say 'This is what we see, is it what you intend?'. Often it isn't and the process of transformation can begin...

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