Coaching FAQ's

We know that when you start looking for a coach you are likely to have a number of questions about the process. Our FAQ's are developed from our experience of the queries raised by former clients when they began their own coaching journey. We hope these FAQ's will cover any initial queries you have but if not then do email us at

Q1.Can I have a free trial session before I commence coaching?

A1. We do not suggest a trial session, this is because we feel uneasy about people disclosing their inner thoughts and feelings without having established if the coach is right for them, nor having established mutual trust or clarified what coaching is and is not. However, to ensure the relationship is absolutely right we will hold a free 15 minute chemistry conversation by telephone with all prospective clients to ensure that the relationship works for both the coach and the client. This is because we view the coaching relationship as a two-way partnership in which to get the very best outcomes, both parties need to feel that the relationship works for them, that there is trust and an environment where it is safe to be open and frank. If at the end of the chemistry conversation either side retains any doubts then there is no expectation that the relationship will progress to paid coaching sessions.

Q2. What if I do not feel the coach is a good fit for my needs?

A2. We do our best to ensure that the relationship will work as part of the initial chemistry conversation. However, we recognise this is not always the case and needs can change, especially as we go deeper into the substance of the coaching goals. If this happens, the client can terminate the coaching or we can refer them to others in our coaching network who may better meet their specific requirements. Similarly, if the coach feels that they are not meeting the client needs then they will also raise this with the client and, if the client agrees, the coach can instigate a referral to another coach.

Q3. How long is each coaching session?

A3.This can vary. We start with a recommendation of 90 minutes per coaching session, but we vary this according to client needs. Our experience is that for the deep learning and insight to take place sessions less than 45 minutes can often be unsatisfactory. Similarly, sessions above 2 hours can be exhausting and concentration is likely to be lost so we would not recommend exceeding this time period.

Q4. How frequent are coaching sessions?

A4. We recommend the spacing of sessions to be around 4 to 6 weeks apart. This gives the client time to reflect on the insight from the previous session and apply it in their work. If the clients circumstances suggest that more frequent support would be helpful we are happy to increase the frequency of sessions for a period of time that the client would find helpful. Sessions can similarly be held further apart than 4 to 6 weeks if this would better meet the demands of the client. The frequency of sessions is discussed and agreed as part of the chemistry conversation but can be adjusted at any time.

Q5. How many sessions will I need?

A5. How long is a piece of string? That said we suggest scheduling no more than 6 sessions in advance with part of the sixth session being used to assess progress against goals and potential next steps. If the client requires further sessions this can be arranged, however, we would always ensure that there is a clear purpose to this rather than just allowing the coaching to ‘drift on’.

Q6. How much will coaching cost?

A6. The rate charged depends on a number of factors; we ask that you contact us at to discuss your particular requirement and to get a quote for your particular circumstances.

Q7. How is coaching evaluated?

A7. We have a standard evaluation form which we use and are open to adjusting to cover your own success criteria if you wish. If you would like to see a copy of our evaluation form them email us at

Q8. Do you offer psychometric tools to aid clients?

A8. We have a range of psychometric tools which we use. These cover areas such as communication, strengths, resilience and change adaptability. If you would like more information on these then email us at

Q9. Where does coaching take place?

A9. Coaching is usually at a place that is mutually comfortable to both parties. This may be on the client site or in a location that both can get to and both are happy to use. Coaching can also be held by telephone or online.

Q10. How do you ensure the standard of professionalism of your coaches.

A10. All our coaches have relevant qualifications and professional memberships, also we abide by the standards of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council.

We hope the above has answered your questions for you. If you still have outstanding queries then get in touch by emailing us at or calling us on 077 914 67868.