Coaching: discover your 'waypower' to thrive and succeed

Whether your challenge is to lead organisations, deliver complex change programmes, identify unhelpful behaviours, boost your career, increase your presence, or motivate others, we can help. We do this through our wonderful blend of support, observational challenge and insight.

We Believe..

sustainable change can only happen when people engage not just with the intellect, but with their emotions as well.

We Create...

a coaching environment and trusting relationship in which clients feel safe to explore difficulties, accept challenge and reflect deeply on their established perceptions and assumptions. 

We Hold...

up a ‘mirror’ and say ‘this is what we see, is it what you intend?

Our Credentials...

are robust. All our coaches have professional memberships relevant to their field of expertise. 

Our ethical standards...

align to the European Mentoring & Coaching Council UK.

  • Targeted Behavioural Change
  • Performance Coaching
  • Management and Team Coaching
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Women in Leadership
  • Career Planning and Transition