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Change Model Master Blog

This is a change model master-blog. In other words it is a bloggy version of a master class on cool models of business change. Enjoy!

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Using, Abusing or Losing Psychometrics?

Are you still using the same tired old psychometric tool. Are people really getting the most value from it, can they explain how they use the insight? If the answer is no then it may be time for a change.

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How to Prove Coaching Adds Value

Coaching is ranked among the top 3 most effective development methods, and the most effective method when incorporated within talent programmes. But how do you make a robust business case to secure investment in coaching?

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Leader or Reluctant Role Model?

When the pressure is on it is easy to forget those 'niceties'. But as a leader you are also a role model, how you behave sets the culture for the organisation. So here are 5 behaviours to help you role model a respectful culture.

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Bad Boss Boogie

What can you do if the person causing you problems is your boss. The bad boss boogie has useful insights for addressing this exceptionally tricky situation.

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Getting Corporate with  Communications

If you are running a project or involved in change then getting the right messages to people at the right time is vital. These tips on corporate communications will help get you on the right path.

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