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Talking Talent (with the 9 box grid)

All organisations need to be sure they are making the most of the talent they have, but sometimes the discussions around talent can do more harm than good. So how do you get it right?

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Why Feedback is a Dirty Word

We all know feedback is important for growth, improvement and affirmation of good performance. But that knowledge doesn’t make it any easier to receive feedback. So why do we dread feedback and how can we get in a better mindset to receive it?

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Using, Abusing or Losing Psychometrics?

Are you still using the same tired old psychometric tool. Are people really getting the most value from it, can they explain how they use the insight? If the answer is no then it may be time for a change.

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How to Prove Coaching Adds Value

Coaching is ranked among the top 3 most effective development methods, and the most effective method when incorporated within talent programmes. But how do you make a robust business case to secure investment in coaching?

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Mighty or Might Be?

Many organisations focus on developing competencies but the smart one's, those who know how to maximise profits, focus on strengths. Find out why it is so important.

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