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Exploring the Resilient Mindset

Today’s complex business environment is challenging us all to do more with less, find creative solutions to complex problems and to keep calm and carry on. This requires us to be resilient but what does this mean and what is a resilient mindset?

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Finding Purpose in Chaos

When change is thrust upon us we need to find meaning and purpose in order to find a way through it, but this may be easier said than done. Find out how we can adopt a purposeful mindset that will help us negotiate change successfully.

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Are you Optimistic about Change?

Do change initiatives excite or exasperate you? How we react to change matters, especially if we are leading others. Discover why optimism is so important for l Leaders and how to measure your own levels of optimism.

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Does your Mindset hinder you in times of change?

Our research suggests that our ability to cope with change is informed by our mindset. We have developed the Change Efficacy Questionnaire to help you assess your own mindset and identify if it is helping or hindering you in times of change.

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Change Model Master Blog

This is a change model master-blog. In other words it is a bloggy version of a master class on cool models of business change. Enjoy!

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Getting Corporate with  Communications

If you are running a project or involved in change then getting the right messages to people at the right time is vital. These tips on corporate communications will help get you on the right path.

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