Should coaches get coached?

Interesting question! On the face of it why can’t we coaches just ‘coach’ ourselves? We know the pitfalls of the human psyche; we know the theory and can recognise the tell-tale signs of transference, prevarication, denial and interpersonal dynamics discombobulations. The fact is that in order to recognise something, you have to see it and all of us have blind spots. So the simple answer to the questions ‘should coaches get coached’, the answer is yes they bl***y well should. Regular supervision is one way we achieve this and any professional coach worth their weight in psychobabble will be able to highlight how they use supervision and how it helps them be the best they can be.

My own supervision serves a dual purpose. Not only does it highlight when I may be conveniently ignoring a ‘niggle’ or feeling of discomfort that I ought to be ‘outing’ in order to help myself and my client be truly authentic with each other, but it keeps my memory fresh in remembering what it feels like to be coached. The uncertainty that may exist, the feeling of venturing outside a comfort zone and the confusion that pre-empts the discovery of personal insights are all worth recognising and acknowledging.

As coaches we do well to regularly remind ourselves of the vulnerability that exists within our coaching clients and also to acknowledge it exists within us too. We enter a coaching journey in partnership with our clients and insight is a two-way street. This is partly why I love being a coach, I grow with and because of my clients and long may it last. I wonder what other coaches find enriching about their own practice?